“In The Red” Art Show

Red DotFairchild Art Studios presents “In The Red” Art Show featuring:
Blue Reid
Suzanne Bell
Kelly Davidson
Tracy Lewis
Dan Bray
Suzanne Goodwin
Shelly Thorene
Gretchen Lewis

Meet the artists and try winemaker Charles B. Mitchell’s “Way Red” wine from Winery by the Creek. 3rd Saturday Artists Reception July 18th, 6-9pm at the Fairchild Building 429 Main St., Placerville (by the Belltower)


One Response to ““In The Red” Art Show”

  1. I am impressed! I took a fleeting 20 minutes away from my new studio to come and check out Tracy Lewis’ Studio and I didn’t want to leave.

    The ‘In The Red’ art show was inspiring to say the least. I had a lengthy conversation with guest artist Blue Reid (great name by the way) who creates these incredible figurative works with pastel. To describe them I would use the terms loose movement, strong boundaries, intuitive compositions, and emotionally colorful.

    I also loved the paintings of Kelly Davidson, Suzanne Goodwin, and potter Dan Bray.

    I’ve only heard great things about Tracy Lewis, her talent, integrity, and incredible ability to teach her luminescent watercolor technique. Thank you for hosting such a beautiful show and also contributing to the ambience and colorful surroundings at Alabaster Inspired Design.

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