Placerville Art Walk tonight! 17 Fairchild Art Studios ~  lots of art, live music and wine tasting ~ Come by and see us! 

429 Main Street (upstairs)


6 to 9pm


3 Responses to “Tonight…….”

  1. How was the Art walk???

    • lollipopmacabre Says:

      Hi Lori!

      It was great, thanks. Got to hang out with good friends, meet some new and interesting people and sold a painting ~ doesn’t get much better than that! Oh, and the wine was pretty good too 🙂

  2. Tracy,
    Your work is stunning!! It seems Patrice talked about you and your art, and had nothing but great things to say about you. I am piecing together the conversations Patrice and I had when your name popped up. I wish I had a chance to meet you. I am thrilled that I know who you are and that you and Patrice were good friends. Damn it! I miss her so much. I have not taken her passing very well. Right now on Classmates, I am doing a mini-art show for others to see how gifted, self-less and fun she was. The first day I had 300 visitors, 200 were positive, while others scorn on nudity and her strong views on feminism . You can always visit punch in Margot Wilson and go to the album with the yellow rose on the cover.
    I was instantly drawn to your art. Did I see any of your art at Patrice’s house.

    Well, I need to sleep to wake up and see my shrink! Ha When does anyone ever get over the death of someone who was so close to my heart?
    I was with her the last 6 weeks of her life, and didn’t pay much attention to anything but Patrice.
    I am trying my best to launch a website for Patrice. The twins were to do it, but just isn’t happening.
    Well, Ilove i your art, I met a new friend who was a good friend of my sister, and I am so, so happy we met. It means so much to me!!!
    Talk to you real soon!



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