White on White Peony


Finally finished my painting that I started at the Tahoe Art League demo and thought I’d post it’s evolution. I’m thinking about framing it in some alternative way, as opposed to under glass with mat……maybe suspended between 2 pieces of plexiglass, or mounted on wood with plexi……? I’d like to try something new.

  P1010245_editedP1010245P1010277 - CopyP1010012 - Copy (2)

“Peony” watercolor 15″x15 3/4″


4 Responses to “White on White Peony”

  1. I love the peony demo. Do you ever do any out of town teaching of watercolor. Your colors are so beautiful and vivid.

  2. lollipopmacabre Says:

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you!
    Yes, I’m just starting to teach out of town. I’m lining things up for next year. I would love to come to your area for a workshop. Do you have any place in mind?

  3. Just want to plant a seed in your brain. I’m looking for you to do a DVD of you painting a picture from start to finish so people who love to paint and want to learn from the best but live much too far away to attend a class can still have that opportunity. I simply love the colors you choose for your subjects. I’m on the other side of the USA in Maine but would love to have a chance to learn from you. DVD’s are so hands on that anyone could learn. Thanks for considering!!

    • lollipopmacabre Says:

      Yes, I’ve been wanting to do a DVD….I’d better get on it! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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