First in my Contemporary Goddess series, “Io”.


4 Responses to “Io”

  1. Tracy,
    I love this one. Is that Gretchen? And, I love the idea of a contemporary goddess series! Great!

  2. lollipopmacabre Says:

    Thanks Jeannie! Yes, it’s Gretchen. I’ve been wanting to do this series for years! Hopefully, I’ll find enough willing victims to model for me 🙂

  3. Hi Tracy-
    I chatted with you via email a few weeks ago about your art. I’d LOVE to model for you! See my facebook page and check out pictures of me.

    Also, my friend and I will be stopping by your show this weekend.
    Do you recommend a less crowded time to stop by?

    • lollipopmacabre Says:

      Hi Aleta,
      I’m sorry, the show was last weekend. I sent you an email.
      Yes! You should model for my goddess series! They are for the 20/20 Show at 20th St., and they’re only 8″x8″. If you’d like to set up a time to come by my studio in the next week or so, it could work. Let me know.

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