20-20 Show

The 20-20 Show at 20th Street Art Gallery is right around the corner! There will be 65 artists, each displaying 20 8″x8″ themed paintings. My theme is the contemporary goddesses I’ve been working on. I’ve really enjoyed researching all of the mythological characters and playing with their symbolism. I’ve been extremely fotunate to find so many willing victims to model for me, or let me use their photos! The show runs November 11 thru December 24. Second Saturday Art Walk receptions 6 to 9pm on Nov.14  & Dec. 12. For more info visit http://www.20art.net/

Circe - web


From my Contemporary Goddess series ~ the model is my beautiful niece Ayse. She is a bellydancer, you can visit her website at http://aysecerami.com/Home.html,  the photo is courtesy of Pixie Vision Productions. Pixie is an amazing photographer that works with all kinds of wonderful dancers/performers to get the most beautiful photos! Check out her site ~ http://www.pixievisionproductions.com/ so inspiring! She was kind enough to give me permission to use her photo for this painting. Here is Pixie’s beautiful photo I worked from ~

Someday I would love to paint the entire image.


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