Blogging again…

There has been so much going on this year, time to blog about it! I’ve decided not to close this blog, but keep both this for ramblings and for a website. I also have a new blog for a new group studio in Sacramento

I’m excited to be part of a group show at 20th St. Art Gallery ths month!  This Saturday night from 6 to 9pm I will be there for the 2nd Sat. reception, so come by and see me! I have 9 watercolors in the show. Here’s one ~

So much coming up to make new painting for ~ Our Grand Opening at Brick Alley Art Studios in September, along with the CAST Studio Tour, the El Dorado County Studio Tour, Art and Wine Festival, 2nd and 3rd Sat Art Walks…eeek…I’d better get painting!

I have new classes and workshops coming up soon too…I’ll keep you posted. Right now my weekly Placerville class is working on a portrait of my dog Aiko. She makes a fun project (not just because she’s so cute) because of all the color we can find in the black & white. For September we’ll paint a human portrait.

Speaking of Aiko…She just came to live with us a  month or so ago thanks to my friend Emily. Aiko is just the sweetest and most wonderful dog! I can’t imagine being without her now. We took her with us to Dillon Beach recently and my friend Diane took this beautiful photo of her ~

She loved the beach!


2 Responses to “Blogging again…”

  1. Hi, I came across your blog kind of accidentally – but I saw your watercolor work at the Brick Alley during the October 2nd Saturday walk. Beautiful, fresh paintings, some of the best that I’ve seen that evening.

  2. Thank you Yevgenia! Hope to see you at another 2nd Saturday 🙂

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