About Me

OK…………. here’s the dreaded “About Me” page that I’ve been putting off forever ~

My name is Tracy Lewis. I live in the Sierra Foothills, pretty much in the middle of nowhere with my husband, 2 children, a gargoyle,  a circus pony and several bossy cats.

I love Art Nouveau, silent movies, flea markets, vintage clothing, Fluevogs, Paris, swirly patterns, polka dots, symbolism, little animal skulls, flowers, silver, creepy antique curiosities, belly dancers, fairy tales, tattoos and the color pink.  All of this has heavily influenced my art.

I work primarily in transparent watercolor and I’m pretty much of a purest in my approach to the medium. I love to layer luminous transparent glazes of pure hue, giving everything a candy coat of Easter-like color. Even though my work is fairly realistic, I get caught up in the little abstract patterns within a subject. I enjoy setting up little still lifes of favorite things, playing with paradoxical juxtapositions, zeroing in on things to elevate the ordinary to the sublime. I love to paint portraits of beautiful contemporary women that are intense and a little mysterious.     


I’m currently teaching watercolor classes and workshops at my studio in the historic Fairchild Building on Main Street in Placerville, California. I’m grateful  to share what my teachers Jeannie Vodden and Gary Pruner have so generously taught me, as well as things I’ve discovered over the years on my own. 


My studio is open on the 3rd Saturday of every month for the Placerville Art Walk, 6 to 9pm or by appointment 530-306-2595.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Christie Says:


    Jan Brewer asked me to come down from Washington to attend your grape class in two weeks. Is there room? I am also interested in the portrait class in October. Let me know and hope we get to meet.


  2. I’m emailing you for your color palate. I love the beautiful rainbow of colors you use in your gorgeous paintings. I’m always looking for the perfect color palate and yours is the one. Thank you so much for sharing your creative artwork with the world. Amazing colors! I do wish I wasn’t so far from you, I’d be joining your classes or Jeannie’s classes in a heart beat. Sometimes living in the back woods of Maine is a hindrance and other times a blessing. Such is life.

    Thank you!


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